Communication Platform as a Service “CPaaS”

NGA 911 LLC continues to lead the innovation of the 9-1-1 system with the first 9-1-1 Communication Platform as a Service “CPaaS.” This cloud-based platform unifies textual communication to, from, and within 9-1-1. CPaaS enables real-time communication and collaboration that modernizes operations and streamlines emergency response..
A single platform solution for textual communication management for 9-1-1 that grows with your 9-1-1 Agency. Seamless support for Text-to-9-1-1, Text-from-9-1-1, and Text-within-9-1-1. Flexible pricing and configuration allow you to use each separately or all three together.
  • Unified textual communication for all your 9-1-1 needs
  • Centralized management
  • Serialized communication for auditing control
  • Enhanced operational efficiency with real time collaboration
  • New collaboration opportunities for all stakeholders
  • Affordable pricing model
  • Geofencing and Geo Targeting

Text To 9-1-1
Purpose: Enables citizen SMS interaction with their local 9-1-1 Authority.
  • SMS text to 9-1-1
  • Routing to appropriate PSAP
  • Transfer as required
  • Geofencing and Geo Targeting
Text From 9-1-1
Purpose: Enables local 9-1-1 Authorities to initiate SMS messages to the public.
  • Outbound texts for abandoned 9-1-1 calls
  • Broadcast texts to a targeted geography
  • Severe weather notifications
  • SMS opt-in
  • Geo Polling & Response
  • Incident management integration
  • Record retention
Text Within 9-1-1
  • Primary and Secondary PSAP Collaboration
    • Secondary PSAPs may collaborate with Primary PSAPs
    • Ability to coordinate dispatch
  • Radio System Failure Backup
    • Contingency planning and continuity of operations
  • Silent Dispatch
  • Primary Communications for Sensitive Information
    • Transmitting sensitive information that you don’t want broadcast
    • Undercover operation
    • Search warrant execution
  • Share Information Without Using a Radio
    • Follow-up Information
    • Unit Status
    • Incident Information
  • Save Money 
    • Reduce Data Entry Workload
    • Cut Radio Traffic


Several textual communication options:


Rapid deployment
Massively scalable cloud architecture
Native 9-1-1 CPE and Web browser support
No additional hardware required
We provide Next Generation 9-1-1 end-to-end solution providers
Full media capabilities
Message queue management
Pictures and Images
Full Textual Support Including Instant Message, SMS, and eMail
Comprehensive reporting through portal
Stored and Encrypted
Location services
Role-based user administration
100% Records Retention
Easy Retrieval
No need for MDT, Smartphone app or text
Complete conversation retention and reporting
Simultaneous textual sessions
Initiate chat sessions to any mobile device
Single interface across multiple message sources and technologies