5 Ways NG9-1-1 Can Improve Your Department

Posted on Aug 25, 2021

The NG911 cloud-based system is a state-wide initiative that improves the safety of the general public and 911 industry professionals. You may be wondering how the Next Generation 911 system will impact your department once your community deploys it.

With the adoption of NG911, legacy and newer technologies must operate together for a while. Just as important is how PSAPs (public-safety answering points) learn to choose what technologies to adapt and how to use these tools.

This includes allowing 9-1-1 callers to:

  • Send real-time videos and voice descriptions of an incident
  • Text messages regarding an accident
  • Send photos of an emergency, accident damage, or medical situation

In this blog post, our experts at NGA 911 will discuss 5 ways NG911 can improve your department.

1. Improved Emergency Personnel Safety

With NG911, a 911 call means that PSAPs can receive, process, and store important information from citizens sent through various forms of multimedia. This data can also be relayed to emergency personnel, providing first responders with precise and life-saving information.

For example, NG911's access to live streaming from bank cameras can give responding police officers vital data regarding:

  • Suspects
  • Weapons
  • Number Of Hostages

Next Generation 911 also allows digital mapping to be forwarded to law enforcement and first responders. This is helpful if an officer, EMT, or paramedic is working in a rural location. Digital mapping technology can also help keep these first responders safer out in the field.

Dispatchers sharing information with other public safety professionals provide additional intelligence when faced with a dangerous situation. Next Generation 911's ability to share resources back and forth with emergency personnel can increase safety for all in the industry.

2. Greater Efficiency

One significant benefit of NG911 is that it allows PSAPs and 911 call centers to identify the location of 911 callers faster and more accurately.

Because the Next Generation 911 system provides more precise location data, first responders won't need to spend as much time reaching the right destination.

Receiving text messages, photos, and videos can provide useful evidence when solving cases and taking someone to trial. If someone can snap a picture of a suspect or license plate, that is a huge benefit when it comes to greater efficiency overall.

3. Improved Public Safety

Before NG911, citizens dialing 911 would have to wait up to 30 seconds for their call to be routed to an emergency operator. With Next-Generation 911, that wait time is often less than 3 seconds.

Being able to send a video, text, or photo when someone needs help can be a life-saving service during:

  • A Natural Disaster
  • Man-Made Disaster
  • Domestic Dispute 
  • Car Accident 
  • Medical Emergency 

4. Better Access To Special-Needs Communities 

Next-Generation 911’s system offers more security to those who are:

  • Visually-Impaired or Blind
  • Hard-Of-Hearing or Deaf 
  • Mentally Disabled
  • Physically Impaired 
  • Senior Citizens 

The benefit is providing reliable emergency communication since it’s easier for these individuals to reach 911 professionals with their smartphones without needing additional devices. 

The greatest advantage so far is providing citizens in the special-needs community emergency help and connecting them with public safety professionals almost instantly.

5. Saving Costs While Saving Lives

While upgrading to NG911 isn't inexpensive, organizations and communities that upgrade will save in the future and over time.

Because the system's technology makes it faster, easier, and less expensive to share information between:

  • Jurisdictions
  • State Counties
  • Public Safety Officials

Many regions and communities across the nation are more likely to combine their resources when making the transition to Next Generation 911 possible.

There are invaluable costs as well. For example, when you save a life because you made improvements to your emergency response system, you can't put a price on that.


The Next Generation 911 system will improve the way communities are served. Not only will this technology help prevent tragedies before they happen, but it will also advance 911 departments.

At NGA 911, we are proud to be a part of public safety history. Our experts look forward to what citizens and emergency professionals expect from their government in the future. 

For more information, contact us today!