Next Generation 911 - APCO 2021 Conference & Expo

Posted on Aug 11, 2021

APCO 2021, APCO International's Annual Conference & Expo for public safety communications officials is the premier event of its kind. Starting August 15th through the 18th, a range of events will take place including educational sessions and committee meetings along with special events - all happening alongside two days of full exhibits where you can meet vendors from all sides of the industry!

As an industry leader in public safety communications, providing reliable and customizable, cloud-based 911 services worldwide, we at NGA 911 are proud to be a part of APCO 2021!

We will be in attendance for the full four days, and invite you to visit booth #219.

Located in San Antonio, TX, you can meet our team and chat with our 911 industry experts.

Where Will APCO 2021 Be Held Exactly?

This year, APCO 2021 will be held in San Antonio, Texas. Beginning August 15th through August 18th, 2021, the Exhibition Hall will be open from August 16th through the 17th.

For your convenience, many of the nearby hotels will be providing special room rates for APCO 2021 attendees. Click here for more information!

Who Will Attend APCO 2021?

Part of why we at NGA 911 are looking forward to APCO 2021, is because it presents a great opportunity for us to network with various organizations and attendees in the public safety industry and community.

Based on past APCO conferences and expos, this year's attendees represent a large range of 911 communication organizations and public safety professionals.

Such as:

  • Emergency Communications Centers
  • 911 Telecommunications Agencies
  • Fire Service
  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Response Technology Companies
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Government Agencies

Along with commercial vendors and other service providers.

Learn About Our NGA 911 Solutions!

Our experts at NGA 911 are waiting to meet you at booth #219. We'll be there to answer questions and help you become familiar with the following NGA 911 solutions:

Next Generation Core Services (NGCS)

Our Next Generation Core Services (NGCS) operate in the Cloud. Using state-of-the-art technology, our services can route video, voice, and text media between Originating Service Providers (OSP) and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP).

Our development team has built this software over the past five years which is smart and flexible with patents in both the United States and Internationally.

The Next Generation 911 Platform

NGA 911's platform was built to make it easier for dispatchers and other emergency personnel to get the most out of their technology. The system easily handles voice, video, real-time text messaging (RTT), short message service messages (SMS), and Message Session Relay Protocol (MSRP).

ACE (Advanced Communications Environment) Call Handling System

Our ACE CHS is backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our public safety grade ACE CHS allows users of this service to unlock intelligence through reliable software as a service functionality located in secure data centers.

Cloud-Based Call Handling System

Our Cloud-Based Call Handling System allows agencies to benefit from straightforward service delivery, remote management, seamless enhancements, and updates. All of which can handle today's fast-paced 911 environment as well as any planned or existing ESInet.

Additionally, you won't have to worry about outliving your investment or upgrading again because our CHS meets today's NENA i3 standards as well as tomorrow's 911 requirements.

Customizable Browser-Based Call Taker

Our Customizable Browser-Based Call Taker provides a user interface that is multimedia capable. As such, agencies can expect the ease of having data, text, SMS, voice, and video in one interface. This means that no separate screens, tabs, or applications are needed for emergency calls, communications, or sessions.

The best part is that our NGA 911 ACE CHS is part of our core disaster recovery package, designed to provide ultimate control, flexibility, and support for your current CPE. Why? Because failure in the face of a crisis is not an option!

What You Can Expect From NGA 911

  • Team Support, From Start to Finish
  • Unmatched Security Portal Capabilities
  • Impeccable Infrastructure Security
  • Complete Individual Application, System, and Data Migration
  • Superior Voice, Text, and Video Technology
  • Specified Incident Management
  • Streamlined Call Center Management
  • PSAP-Based Location Calling
  • Technology-Based Data Tracking (via Voice, Video, or Text)
  • Team Training

And much more!

Don’t forget to stop by booth #219 for your demo with an NGA 911 industry expert where you will be able to grab an “I AM A First Responder” T-Shirt!