NGA 911 CEO Don Ferguson on the AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency

Posted on Mar 06, 2021

Hi everyone - Brandi Holder, your NGA 911 VP of Marketing & PR here! I recently had the opportunity to catch up with our CEO and Co-Founder, Don Ferguson, to discuss something we are so proud of at NGA 911: attaining the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Safety and Disaster Response (PSDR) Competency status.

NGA 911 is the first Next Generation 9-1-1 company to receive this designation from AWS, the largest cloud-hosting provider for federal, state, and local government agencies. Tell us a little more about this program, Don.

I wanted to take this time to acknowledge AWS and its launch of the Public Safety Disaster Response Program, the PSDR, where they have taken a concerted effort to improve the quality of disaster response across all communities. I also want to acknowledge the NGA 911 team: I am so proud of them because this was not an easy program. We had to go through a tremendous effort to meet the stringent requirements and the quality control mechanisms that AWS has for this Public Safety program. AWS is adamant about improving disaster response recovery and increasing the quality of available technology to protect the lives of citizens across the United States.

As a valued AWS Partner, NGA 911 is passionate about the future of cloud-based technology for many reasons. What Next Generation 9-1-1 trends do you see on the horizon?

The creation of a new wave of technology for the Public Safety industry – technology that offers a wide breadth of services and is incredibly agile. In the past, Public Safety Professionals knew that things could get better, but they were stifled with technologies that were unmalleable, fixed, hard coded, and unable to truly serve our first responders. As a result, those solutions poorly served citizens. Cloud technology and access to better data will change that.

What can our customers and future customers expect?

As a Next Generation 9-1-1 provider that has met the AWS PSDR’s stringent standards, our cloud-based solution can be deployed immediately. Our technologies can bend, shape, and blend to the needs of any disaster without heavy development cycles. Agencies can have tools integrated with 9-1-1 to facilitate operational and tactical collaboration, training, and technical management within a matter of months, rather than years.

Our team is dedicated to helping agencies achieve technology goals by leveraging the agility, breadth of services, and pace of innovation that AWS provides.

It’s no secret that you have a passion for public safety. What would you like to say to AWS in response to their support?

I am so proud to be an AWS partner, I’m so proud of the NGA 911 team commitment to serve, and I look forward to making these technologies available and useful for the whole Public Safety community.

I will second that. Thanks sharing with us today Don, have a great day!

Brandi Holder, VP Marketing & PR

PS. If you would like to learn more about what the AWS PSDR designation means to your community, check it out here.