What Does “Active-Active” Mean?

Posted on Jul 06, 2021

Here is a great question that came up in a recent education session: Why should I care about an active-active network?

Well, in short, continuous availability! One of the hallmarks of the NENA i3 standard is an active-active network. Your solution should have multiple points of connection to your PSAP, so you can transition to a NG9-1-1 system with network diversity. Our active active network will make sure that all of those links are operating simultaneously, as opposed to an active-passive network, which only has one active connection at a time.

NGA 911 relies on a ring of independent fiber links to maintain active active connections to your PSAP. If one link is severed, your calls will not drop, because the same information is being sent to our data centers through three additional links. This system has given us the ability to provide redundancy, ensuring that your center has 99.999% network availability.

If you are searching for the NG9-1-1 solution to best serve your community, contact us today! We would love to learn more about you and discuss why NGA 911 is the right choice for your PSAP.