Get Visibility and Control of Your Network Pinpoint Problems, Create Trouble Tickets, and More.

Make better and faster decisions with 911 data
transformed into actionable insights.

Data can make a life-saving difference by checking and verifying the quality and completeness of your NG9-1-1 data. Data can be verified, enhanced, or transformed into a more reliable, trusted, and easily actionable format.

Product Details


NEXiSAnalytics puts network health at your fingertips. With complete
visibility of the network and hardware in real-time.
Creating trouble tickets and getting them resolved through the PSAP or

  • Clearly identify boundary gaps, overlaps, and incomplete data
  • Exactly pinpoints problems/errors, within and between jurisdictions
  • Enables continuous, secure, and consistent data updates
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Dozens of built-in reports and scenarios. NEXiSAnalytics provides the ability to further customize reports as needed. System administrators and supervisors can create various analytical reports that evolve and contribute to an ever-growing 'knowledge repository'. Designed to meet the unique needs of each agency. Together, let's save more lives.

Ability to analyze data and produce reports from legacy and
cloud 9-1-1 Call Processing Equipment (CPE), the legacy 9-1-1
system, and the NG9-1-1 system using
legacy 9-1-1 data, NG9-1-1 data, CPE data, and NENA i3 logs
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