Empower 911 Centers, Liberate Backroom Space, Revolutionize Response.


NEXiSEdge is a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing 911 centers by optimizing emergency response. It minimizes equipment in your backroom and reduces rack size for peak efficiency.

NEXiSEdge significantly reduces the space requirements in PSAPs' backrooms, eliminating the need for large racks and creating a more streamlined operational environment. This space-saving innovation enhances efficiency and resource allocation for emergency response centers.

NEXiSEdge provides cost-effective, secure, and independent remote management, ensuring data integrity and reliability. Moreover, its reliable edge computing capabilities are tailored to process various workloadsk, vital in locations where immediate execution is crucial for public safety.


Featuring real-time respose, scalable performance, edge intelligence with AI and ML capabilities, cost-efficiency, and versatility for various applications. NEXiSEdge keeps you future-ready by integrating emerging technologies for evolving requirements.


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