NGA was awarded the $37M contract by the State of California to provide the state’s 9-8-8 call-handling system.

Posted in Press Release on Jan 31, 2023

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., January 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Next Generation Advanced (NGA), a global leader in NG911 digital emergency communications services and source for complete, adaptable, and reliable solutions announced today that they were awarded the $37M contract to provide the 9-8-8 call-handling system for the State of California.

NGA has reached another critical milestone in its efforts to save lives, create efficiencies, and become the most trusted emergency communications provider in the United States and worldwide.

NGA’s call-handling solution (NEXiSConnect) transforms emergency communications into a digital environment with greater accuracy that saves seconds and lives. Providing 9-8-8 services that are cutting-edge and robust enough to handle even the most demanding geographic areas. California Crisis Centers will be able to answer calls and texts. With one button call-back feature, and the ability to transfer citizens to the correct jurisdictions when necessary.

The three-digit dialing code 9-8-8 was assigned to the National Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Crisis Lifeline beginning July 16, 2022, allowing individuals to access the Lifeline more easily. People in suicidal crisis or emotional distress can reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24/7, 365 days a year. “This launch is a whole-of-government approach in line with the President’s call to prioritize mental health by strengthening access to crisis services, and preventing Veteran suicide, our top clinical priority”, said VA Secretary Denis McDonough.

As a result of 9-8-8 legislation, the behavioral health and law enforcement systems, 911 systems, and other stakeholders have a unique opportunity to improve crisis response capacity throughout the U.S. and provide appropriate support to those experiencing mental health crises.

“NGA is proud and excited to be part of providing 9-8-8 services when there has never been a greater need for quick, easy, and reliable access to emotional support and crisis counseling.” Said, Don Ferguson, CEO, and co-founder at NGA

About NGA - Next Generation Advanced: NGA is a comprehensive, adaptable, and dependable NG9-1-1 system that offers public safety emergency communication solutions that are safe and reasonably priced everywhere globally. With the most recent NG9-1-1 technology available, our gradual deployment and proprietary solutions are ready to seamlessly move traditional emergency communication systems to the future of emergency services.

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