Cloud-Based Call Handling Systems: The Future of Emergency Response

Posted in All, NGA911 on Oct 27, 2021

In today's fast-paced world, the demand for faster service and reliable technology is necessary and essential. To serve and protect the general public as effectively as possible, emergency call centers must implement new technology. Cloud-based call-handling systems are the future of emergency response as they provide an innovative and streamlined solution to meet these demands.

At NGA 911, we are proud to offer public safety organizations and personnel with our ACE (Advanced Communications Environment) Call Handling System (CHS). When combined with the NG911 system, we can provide a complete Next Generation 911 solution for emergency call centers and first responders nationwide.

In this blog, our team at NGA 911 will cover:

  • What cloud-based call handling systems are
  • How they work
  • Why Choose ACE CHS from NGA 911
  • Cloud-based CHS benefits

Cloud-Based Call-Handling Systems: What Are They?

Call-handling with the cloud is the handling of phone calls using software and technology in the cloud. The types of call-handling systems (CHS) allow for new and improved methods of communication between public safety telecommunicators and 911 callers.

Cloud technology for call handling systems allow emergency organizations and first responders to work more efficiently by:

  • Streamlining inbound 911 calls
  • Sharing valuable resources (maps, charts, videos)
  • Transmitting and storing data through IP networks.

Having PSAPs, ECCs, and 911 systems in the cloud means that 911 callers can access emergency response from virtually anywhere.

How Do Cloud-Based CHS Work?

911 call-handling systems that use the cloud rely on internet access with enough bandwidth to handle the fast-paced wave of incoming emergency calls. All 911 information, such as caller phone numbers, locations, and incident details are stored securely on the cloud.

Corresponding servers either belong to the CHS service provider, or a third-party provider, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). NGA 911's cloud-based ACE CHS is backed by the power of AWS. This provides telecommunicators with the tools and software they need to deliver fast and reliable emergency response services.

The Benefits of 911 Cloud-Based Call-Handling Systems

With new technology, it's natural to ask questions and have concerns. When it comes to emergency response, there are significant reasons to consider the implementation of NG9-1-1 and call-handling systems based on the cloud.

Cloud-based CHS designed for 911 offer many benefits, including:

  • Real-time access and communication between telecommunicators and 911 callers.
  • Increased collaboration between emergency personnel, agencies, and first responders.
  • Greater flexibility to expand or contract with the demands of emergency response services.
  • Decreased cost for equipment and infrastructure because it can be shared across multiple agencies.
  • Improved operational efficiency with easy access to maps, charts, and documents.
  • Enhanced situational awareness through NGCS geolocation technology to locate the closest first responders, hospitals, etc.
  • More flexible bandwidth, so PSAPs and ECCs can deploy emergency response services without bandwidth interruptions.

Why Choose ACE CHS from NGA 911?

At NGA 911, our ACE (Advanced Communications Environment) Call Handling System is a full safety-grade system. This means that our ACE CHS cloud-based system meets present and future NENA i3 standards.

Meeting these standards also means that 911 agencies won't need to continually invest in systems to obtain a Next Generation 911 solution.

Our cloud-based ACE CHS system has a full and customizable call-taker interface compatible with many forms of multimedia.

This NGA 911 solution will allow emergency response personnel to handle and communicate with 911 callers through real-time:

  • Text messaging
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Voice messaging


NGA 911 is proud to offer our ACE CHS system because we understand what providing emergency response to 911 callers means. We also know that better protecting the public and saving more lives requires modern technology and streamlined solutions.

To learn more, connect with our NGA 911 team today!