How NG911 Benefits Telecommunicators

Posted in All, NGA911 on Sep 15, 2021

NG911 is a new communication technology that will revolutionize the way telecommunicators communicate with first responders and the general public during an emergency. Next Generation 911 was designed to provide telecommunicators like you with the tools needed to make your job more effective and efficient.

NG911 also benefits PSAP and emergency communication centers that can now process calls faster, reducing response times for first responders in the field. Next Generation 911 is transforming how our society communicates during emergencies, providing better safety for both the public and responders.

In this blog, our experts at NGA 911 will discuss:

  • What Next Generation 911 is
  • How it works
  • The Benefits NG911 provides telecommunicators

What is NG911?

Next Generation 911 (NG911) refers to an initiative to replace traditional 911 systems with new technology and software. The purpose of the NG911 system is to streamline all emergency communication between 911 professionals, first responders, and the general public.

NG911 system's software and its operational policies and procedures include:

  • Providing standardized interfaces for call, video, and messaging services
  • Processing all types of 911 calls including multimedia messages
  • Acquiring and integrating additional information to call routing and handling
  • Delivering messages, calls, and data to the right PSAPs and other emergency entities
  • Supporting data and the communication needs for coordinated incident management and response
  • Providing a secure environment for emergency telecommunicators

How Does It Work?

Next Generation 911 contains state-of-the-art hardware and software designed to support various kinds of multimedia communications including video, voice, SMS text messages, and more.

NG911 is a network of software applications that process requests for emergency assistance received through smartphones.

NG911 Benefits For Telecommunicators

Greater Location Accuracy

NG911 tools will allow you as the telecommunicator to get an extremely accurate location of the 911 caller. This means that PSAPs can also view a 3D map showing which floor in the building the person is calling from.

You can immediately transfer the information that comes with a Next Generation 911 call to the right medical providers, field responders, or other emergency personnel.

Improved Crash Information

With telecommunications already integrated into many cars, it's easier than ever for this technology to notify 911 professionals using precise location.

Emergency telematics technology can also provide first responders with crucial accident details such as:

  • Impact speed
  • Airbag deployment
  • Number of vehicle occupants and seat belts used

This data, available at dispatch, is vital for EMS medics and fire services to plan how they will receive the accident victims before transport. It also provides key data for these first responders to transport them to the nearest trauma center or hospital. 

Safer Communities Overall

Once emergency call centers (ECCs) can quickly and easily access text messages, videos, and photos, citizens can share this multi-media almost immediately. This allows telecommunicators to better comprehend a situation and dispatch the right first responders.

More Ways To Help All 911 Callers

Because of Next Generations 911's ability to take multi-media sources, it can also enable new services like language translation and assistance.

This also helps benefit citizens who are:

  • Deaf
  • Hard-of-hearing
  • Non-English speaking

As these technologies are combined with NG911 systems, it'll make taking 911 calls from the general public much easier for telecommunicators.

Better Field Responder Safety And Awareness

New and evolving technology in the NG911 system provides vital information in the form of text messages, videos, and photos.

This use of multi-media will help your fellow public safety professionals in:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Services
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

They'll be able to understand what's going on before they're even on the scene. Telecommunicators like you can also access video feeds and building sensors, helping discover concerns like victims and hazardous materials.

Improved Reliability And Coordination With Other Agencies

During a large-scale emergency or natural disaster, Next Generation 911 can reroute these calls if needed. NG911's system also allows for greater communication and coordination between first responders, ECCs, and other emergency agencies.

In doing so, telecommunicators and public safety officials can better ensure 911 calls are answered and more lives are saved.


As you can see, the benefits of NG911 for telecommunicators are immeasurable. States and jurisdictions implementing Next Generation 911 are helping make the entire emergency response system more effective, saving more lives in the process.

As an industry leader, NGA 911 is honored to help telecommunicators like you make a difference in the public safety industry. 

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for ECCs and PSAPs as they implement this revolutionary software across the nation.

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