A Look Into the NENA NG9-1-1 Project

Posted in All, NGA911 on May 17, 2022

Developments in technology and communications systems have created a growing need for more advanced and streamlined processes for citizens to access emergency services. While existing 911 systems have helped telecommunicators manage 911 calls for over thirty years, these systems don’t have the infrastructures to keep up with advancing digital communications technology. 

Modern communication devices are evolving rapidly, many of which are wireless and include IP (Internet Protocol) and cloud-based networks that support real-time text messaging and video streaming. Current 911 systems weren’t built or intended to take calls and collect data from new technology like smartphones and social media platforms. 

The bottom line is that many of America’s emergency telecommunication systems need to be replaced with faster, more reliable, and more precise infrastructures. NENA (The National Emergency Number Association) addressed this need by developing the NG9-1-1 Project

In this blog from our trusted NG911 providers and experts at NGA, we’ll take a closer look into NENA’s NG911 Project by covering the following:

  • What NG911 is
  • The NENA NG911 Project Structure 
  • Where to find NENA’s NG911 Project results and updates 
  • Why choose NG911


What is NG911?

NG911 stands for Next Generation 911. It is an emergency response telecommunications system consisting of IP and cloud-based networks and software connected to PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points). The NG911 infrastructure enables public safety professionals to receive potentially life-saving information from citizens in need via multimedia sharing

Next Generation 911 supports the following forms of multimedia:

  • Text messaging 
  • Voice-to-text messaging 
  • Voice messaging 
  • Video streaming 
  • Photo sharing 

In addition to supporting multimedia messaging and sharing, NG911 also provides precise 911 caller location to PSAPs thanks to geospatial routing technology and GIS (Geographic Information Systems)


The NENA NG911 Project Structure 

  • NENA’s NG9-1-1 Project Lead Team provides all project activities, management, and prioritization regarding Next Generation 911. 
  • The NENA Development Group provides all Next Generation 911 development and committee support areas.
  • The Next Generation Partner Program (NGPP) oversees any policy issues regarding NG911 and NG emergency communications. The NGPP coordinates with the NENA national Regulatory/Legislative Committee. 
  • Guidelines regarding Next Generation 911 transition and implementation are overseen by the NG9-1-1 Transition Planning Committee (NGTPC). 


NENA NG9-1-1 Project Structure Results and Updates 

Since first posted in 2014, the primary structure and database standards for Next Generation 911 have been updated to ensure they stay current in a rapidly evolving digital world. One significant update includes NENA’s new NG911 i3 standard

Further information about NG9-1-1 Project results and updates, both pending and current, can be found on NENA’s Overall NG9-1-1 Status page


Why Choose NG911?

NG911, or Next Generation 911, is also referred to as the next generation of 911, and for good reason. With the implementation and transition to NG911 comes the tools and technology public safety professionals need to provide effective emergency response. 

Below are four examples from NENA that explain why PSAPs and other 911 telecommunication organizations should choose Next Generation 911. 

  1. When outdated 911 systems are replaced with NG911, emergency response capabilities and functions remain updated with the demands of modern communications technology.  
  2. Implementing capabilities to support new and current 911 protocol changes means more precise processes for originating emergency services providers.  
  3. With NG911, PSAPs and other 911 personnel have greater flexibility when responding to emergencies such as transferring calls, messages, and data from one 911 agency to another. 
  4. Next Generation 911 has the infrastructure and software to support secure and interconnected networks between PSAPs and other public safety entities. This interconnection means that vital communication can be shared between all necessary emergency services organizations. 



As communications technology evolves, 911 systems need to keep up. With organizations like NENA, whose purpose is to promote the technological advancement of emergency systems in the United States, and the national implantation of NG911, PSAPs have a greater chance of keeping their communities safe in a fast-paced, digital world. 

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