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Posted in All, NGA911 on Jul 25, 2022

According to a report by NBC Washington in 2021, outdated 911 system technology caused nearly 100,000 emergency calls in our Nation's capital of Washington D.C. to be directed to the wrong call centers or required calls to be transferred to the proper jurisdiction. Those 100,000 calls represented 100,000 individuals who were facing possible life-threatening situations. 

Recent events such as inconsistent emergency call handling and transferring and security breaches have highlighted the vulnerability of older telecommunication infrastructures. As communication evolves, call centers and communities need an emergency response system that is efficient and responsive, with technology that can keep up with the growing demands of our digital society. 

This is where NG9-1-1 comes in! 

In this blog from our trusted NG911 providers and experts at NGA, we'll discuss:

  • What NG911 is 
  • Why accelerated NG911 implementation is necessary 
  • NG911 solution resources 

What is NG911?

Most of today's 911 systems were initially designed with analog technologies rather than digital or IP (Internet Protocol) based systems. The digital-based emergency response system we're discussing is NG911, otherwise known as Next Generation 911

NG911 is a telecommunications infrastructure that runs on secure, interconnected IP and cloud-based networks to allow for seamless communication between the 911 caller, dispatcher, and first responder. With Next Generation 911's cutting-edge technology, citizens in need can now communicate and send crucial information directly to 911 personnel through real-time text messages, videos, and photos. 

Interoperation is a significant function of NG911. System capabilities include:

  • Faster communication between call centers and first responders
  • Seamless data sharing between Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and first responders 
  • Immediate call transferring and accepting by available call centers in the event of natural disaster or mass casualty incident 

In addition, NG911 also allows PSAPs to track the precise location of emergency callers. This is especially important in rural areas where cell phone service is not always reliable.

Why Accelerated NG911 Implementation Is Necessary

In the same way that mere seconds can significantly impact an emergency, rapid NG911 implementation may make the difference in creating safer communities at a much more accelerated rate.

Next Generation 911 technology breaks down the borders and removes the roadblocks that keep dispatchers and first responders from doing their job by keeping communities safe and saving lives. 

NG911 technology is a game-changer for public safety because it improves the adaptability and reliability of emergency response across the Nation. For example, regions and states that experience storms, freezing temperatures, and hurricanes are more exposed to the dangers of these naturally harsh conditions. With Next Generation 911, these communities have updated 911 systems and technology to maintain emergency response communications and service efficiency even during a power outage or flood. 

The general public also gains more accessible access to 911 services with NG911. As a digitally mobile society, sharing information with emergency personnel outside a traditional phone call improves situational awareness. PSAPs can make more informed decisions and deploy the correct responders and emergency resources to the scene. 



NGA Call Handling: Investing in Innovative Emergency Response Solutions 

With increased demands in public safety, agencies need a system that is interconnected and interoperable. With NGA Nex3s Call Handling Solutions (CHS) for NG911, this software provides connected communication thanks to innovative 911 call handling technology. 

With Nex3s CHS solutions from NGA, coordinated response to 911 situations are made possible between call centers, fire and police, dispatchers and first responders, and public safety departments with citizens. 

NGA's CHS technology can also help PSAPs handle the influx of emergency calls with technology that identifies the caller's precise location. NG911-focused solutions from NGA help identify the closest first responders and can even prioritize 911 calls based on the urgency of the incident. 


NG911 readiness is critical for the public safety sector to meet the needs of our increasingly digital society. By ensuring that your department has access to the latest technology and resources, you are providing your community with the best possible emergency response system and preparing your agency and personnel for future challenges. 

Is your emergency call center NG911 ready? 

Connect with our experts at NGA, and let's work together to make Next Generation 911 implementation for your agency a reality!