NG911 Cloud-Based Calling: Modernizing Emergency Response

Posted in All, NGA911 on Oct 12, 2022

In today's fast-paced, digital world, we rely on cloud-based technology for just about everything. So it is no surprise that the public safety industry is transitioning to more modernized solutions to help improve how they deliver emergency response services. One of the most promising of these solutions is NG9-1-1 cloud-based calling.  

In this blog from our trusted NG911 providers and experts at NGA, we'll discuss cloud-based calling with NG911 and how it's changing emergency response for the better! 

Table of Contents:

  1. Cloud-Based Calling for 911: What is it? 
  2. How Does NG911 Cloud-Based Calling Work? 
  3. Why Cloud-Based Solutions for Emergency Calls?
  4. From Legacy Systems to NG911 Cloud-Based Calling Solutions
  5. How NG911 is Modernizing Emergency Response
  6. Conclusion 

People Also Ask:

What is cloud-based calling?

Cloud calling, or Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), is a type of VoIP technology that enables users to make and receive calls through an internet connection. The UCaaS service reduces the clutter and cost of traditional PBX phone systems so that you may focus on servicing your community. How does cloud-based calling work?

Cloud-based phone systems take your voice and break it into tiny digital packets. These packets are then sent as data over the internet to whoever you're calling. A cloud-based PBX allows you to make and receive calls using the internet.

Who needs cloud telephony?

Entities requiring cloud telephony, or cloud-based calling, include businesses or organizations that conduct communication services. Entities must invest in multiple tools and technology for video, SMS, file storage, and other cloud-based communication purposes.

Cloud-Based Calling for 911: What is it? 

Cloud calling, also known as cloud telephony, is a kind of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) that offers voice communication solutions through a third-party provider. Cloud-based calling UCaaS' replace the need for traditional telephone systems.

911 cloud-based calling relies on innovative infrastructures that run on the cloud to handle the heavy influx of incoming 911 calls. With NG911 cloud-based solutions, all information regarding an emergency and the 911 caller is securely stored on the cloud. This data includes caller and emergency locations, incident details, and phone numbers. 

How Does NG911 Cloud-Based Calling Work? 

NG911, or Next Generation 911, is a digital telecommunications system that uses cloud software to connect 911 callers with emergency response services. Instead of relying on an outdated landline infrastructure, NG911 handles emergency calls via cloud-based and Internet Protocol (IP) networks. 

Why Cloud-Based Solutions for Emergency Calls?

In the past, the only way of contacting 911 was through a landline telephone. While emergency response systems using this method have been around for decades, there are significant drawbacks for our society which primarily uses cell phones and smart devices to communicate. 

As our world becomes more reliant on digital technology, it's vital that emergency response keeps up with the times. That's why cloud-based calling for 911 is such a significant development. Emergency call handling with cloud-based systems like NG911 addresses the issues plaguing 911 call centers due to outdated infrastructures. 

The bottom line: When emergency response agencies and public safety organizations use telecommunication systems that run on the cloud, anyone with an internet connection can contact 911. This, in turn, makes emergency services more easily accessible and efficient, saving more lives in the process.

From Legacy Systems to NG911 Cloud-Based Calling Solutions

Modernizing emergency response services with cloud-based solutions is not only something to consider, but it's also vital for improving communication between first responders and the public. The transition from legacy systems to Next Generation 911 cloud-based calling represents a major shift in how emergency response organizations operate. 

Perhaps most importantly, though, NG911 enables dispatchers to receive multimedia information from callers, which was impossible with traditional 911 systems. By running on interconnect cloud-based networks, Next Generation 911 allows callers to reach emergency response personnel in various ways. 

First responders can access a wealth of vital information about a caller and incident via:

How NG911 is Modernizing Emergency Response

NG911 is referred to as the Next Generation of 911 for a reason. Using the latest cloud-based technologies, the NG911 system can provide more reliable and adaptable services than previous systems. 

NG911 also offers innovative features such as call routing and automatic call recording. These features can help Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) to improve their call-handling procedures and better serve the needs of their communities.

Continue reading to discover how Next Generation 911 continues to modernize emergency response. 

Increased Reliability. One of the most significant advantages of NG911 is increased reliability. With a cloud-based system, calls are less likely to be dropped and more likely to be routed to the appropriate responders. This is because NG911 uses accurate caller location solutions known as geographic information system (GIS) technology. 

Improved Efficiency. During an emergency, every second counts. With NG911, callers are transferred to the appropriate responder immediately. This saves time and helps ensure that emergency services and resources are deployed as quickly as possible. 

Enhanced Scalability. NG911 offers enhanced scalability compared to traditional 911 systems. This is because NG911 is built on a cloud-based platform that can easily be scaled up or down as needed. So, whether there's a sudden surge in call volume or a slow period, NG911 has the flexibility to meet the demand. 

Better Data Collection. Because of the cloud, NG911 supports many ways for 911 callers to connect and share with dispatchers. In addition to its many capabilities, NG911 also allows for advanced data collection. Access to information like medical histories, GPS locations, and videos or photos of an incident will help dispatchers provide better assistance and allow first responders to be better prepared when they arrive on the scene.


Overall, NG911 cloud-based calling and other solutions represent a significant improvement over traditional 911 systems. With real-time location capabilities, enhanced call features, and increased reliability, the Next Generation 911 system can revolutionize emergency response for public safety across the country.

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