NG911 Core Services: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted in All, NGA911 on Dec 22, 2021

If you're in the public safety industry, chances are you've heard of or are familiar with NG9-1-1. Known as the next evolution in emergency response, Next Generation 911 is designed to provide the tools 911 professionals need to serve and protect the general public. 

A large part of what helps make faster and more accurate emergency response with Next Generation 911 possible is NG911 Core Services (NGCS). But what are NGCS exactly?

In this blog, our trusted NG911 providers at NGA will discuss:

  • What Next Generation 911 is

  • The purpose of NG911

  • NG911 Core Services

  • Why NGCS are essential

  • How Next Generation 911 core services help 911 professionals

What is NG911?

NG911, or Next Generation 911, is an emergency response system. NG9-1-1 also refers to a nationwide initiative to improve emergency communications and public safety services in an ever-growing wireless society.

NG911 is a system made up of many moving parts, including:

  • Secure, Cloud-based IP networks

  • Location tracking

  • Incident mapping

  • Text, voice, image, and video handling

  • GeoSpatial routing

What is The Purpose of Next Generation 911?

The purpose of NG911 is to provide an all-encompassing 911 system that can meet the needs of emergency response and evolving technology. 

Next Generation 911 is unlike any other 911 system because it allows for faster network communication and emergency data sharing between PSAPs. 

NG911 enables 911 call transferring and processing by other ECCs when one PSAP is overwhelmed in a natural disaster or mass casualty situation. 

NG911 Core Services From NGA

NG911 Core Services from NGA is our flagship offering, and it runs on the cloud. NGCS is a collection of Next Generation 911 functions designed to allow for seamless communication between telecommunicators and collaboration within the public safety industry.

NGA's Next Generation 911 Core Services software makes multimedia sharing between 911 callers and PSAPs possible. Over the last five years, we've developed NG911 Core Services software that's innovative and adaptable.

Public Safety professionals can rely on NGCS to handle:

  • Video and photo messaging

  • Voice and voice-to-text messaging

  • Real-time text (RTT)

  • Short message service (SMS)

  • Message session relay protocol (MSRP)

How Next Generation 911 Core Services Help 911 Professionals

NGCS are part of Next Generation 911, which is NENA i3 compliant. An emergency response system that's NENA compliant has access to more detailed and accurate functions, such as geographic information systems (GIS).

This access means that NG911 Core Services can provide trusted solutions to 911 professionals using secure IP, cloud-based systems instead of outdated technology.

When it comes to Next Generation 911 Core Services, the goal is to provide life-saving information when every second counts.


Without the innovative software elements of Next Generation 911 Core Services, quick and accurate emergency response is nearly impossible. As part of the NG911 nationwide initiative to upgrade 911 systems, NGCS will help revolutionize the way we handle and respond to emergencies. 

Are you ready to see what NG911 Core Services can do for your 911 personnel?

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