NG911 Data Sharing: How Next Generation 911 Technology Will Improve Emergency Response During Critical Incidents

Posted in All, NGA911 on Feb 21, 2022

NG911 Data Sharing: How Next Generation 911 Multimedia Technology Improves Emergency Response

With the NG911 initiative, the goal is to bring the nation’s 911 system into the 21st century. Part of the NG9-1-1 objective is updating the emergency response systems of PSAPs (public safety answering points) to Next Generation 911 so that 911 professionals across the country can receive vital data shared by citizens during emergencies and other critical incidents.

The public sharing important information with emergency response personnel using Next Generation 911 is known as NG911 data sharing. This data sharing allows telecommunicators, dispatchers, and first responders to access potentially life-saving information via text messaging, voice messaging, videos, photos, and even social media platforms.

As the leading NG911 provider, NGA understands how crucial data sharing can be to keep individuals and communities safe.

In this blog, our experts at NGA will cover:

  • The NG911 nationwide initiative

  • What Next Generation 911 is

  • What NG911 data sharing can do

We will also discuss the NG911 Roadmap and the objectives towards interconnecting 911 services and data sharing capabilities nationwide.

What is the Next Generation 911 Nationwide Initiative?

While NG911 is an emergency response system, Next Generation 911 also refers to a nationwide initiative. The primary objective of the NG911 initiative is to replace outdated 911 infrastructures and replace them with the Next Generation 911 system in PSAPs and ECCs (emergency call centers) across the country.

The purpose of the NG911 initiative is to streamline all 911 communication between emergency response professionals, first responders, and the general public.

NG911: What is Next Generation 911?

NG911 is a fully modernized 911 system that allows citizens to share detailed information regarding emergencies and other critical situations with public safety professionals through multimedia data sharing.

Examples of NG911 multimedia data sharing include:

Sharing critical emergency information can even be done through social media posts. Next Generation 911 was designed to enhance the ability for call centers and first responders to communicate with the public and each other to improve emergency response efficiency.

The Next Generation 911 system also allows seamless data sharing between 911 call centers and other emergency services entities such as trauma centers and hospitals. Connected PSAPs can also share resources like Geospatial location and GIS information with 911 personnel and other organizations.

What All Can NG911 Data Sharing Do?

With the Next Generation 911 infrastructure, sharing potentially life-saving data with 911 is more streamlined than ever.

With more accurate and improved data sharing, NG 911 can:

  • Allow the combining of vital communication between smartphones and digital devices at both the PSAP level and out in the field.

  • Enhance network flexibility and reliability to enable PSAPs and ECCs to connect seamlessly to collaborate and share data regarding critical incidents and other emergencies.

  • Allow for better coordination within ECCs and PSAPs to make transferring 911 calls from one center to another much easier.

  • Improve the ability for individuals in need of help to share data through various forms of multimedia with 911 call centers.

  • Enhance 911 caller location accuracy by allowing better access to digital geolocation software for telecommunicators.

  • Improve the ability to send emergency callers vital information like on-scene accidents or special needs information from ECCs directly to first responders.

  • Share data from systems such as GIS mapping from local databases to PSAPs and first responders out in the field.

  • Provide greater data sharing between ECCs and improved call routing systems during periods of high emergency call volumes or when other PSAPs become overloaded during critical incidents.

Understanding the NG911 Roadmap and What It Means for the Next Generation of 911

Emergency response organizations need to take advantage of Next Generation 911 capabilities for greater public safety efficiency nationwide. It is extremely important for telecommunicators, dispatchers, and first responders to know where their region and state stand on becoming NG911 ready.

The NG911 Roadmap: Pathways Toward Nationwide Interconnection of 911 Services is a document that was released by and covers what communities across the nation must do to achieve Next Generation 911 implementation and transition.

The NG911 Roadmap is divided into five goals, including technical and non-technical activities that must be concluded at the national level to achieve a fully integrated NG911 system across the country.

The five NG911 Roadmap goals are:

  1. Business governance goals

  2. Technical goals

  3. Data sharing goals

  4. Operational goals

  5. Cross-cutting education and training goals


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, seamless and accurate data sharing between emergency response organizations and the general public is more crucial than ever. Fortunately, more accessible access to 911 assistance and sharing information regarding critical incidents and emergencies is made possible in these trying times because of NG911 and its data sharing capabilities.

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