NG911 ESInets: Unlocking the Power of Emergency Services IP Networks

Posted in All, NGA911 on Mar 09, 2022

NG9-1-1, also called Next Generation 911, is an emergency response telecommunications system representing a significant leap for the public safety community and the citizens NG911 was designed to serve. Next Generation 911’s infrastructure runs on secure, high-speed IP (Internet Protocol) and cloud-based management networks specifically for emergency response services, known as ESInets.

It is NG911’s ESInet that enables the Next Generation 911 system to provide considerably more capabilities than outdated legacy 911 infrastructures, which is why countless Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and Emergency Call Centers (ECCs) across the nation are making the switch to NG911.

In this blog, our trusted and experienced NG911 providers at NGA will discuss:

  • The Next Generation 911 and ESInet partnership

  • How ESInets improve emergency response

  • What an ESInet is

  • How an ESInet works

  • NG911 ESInet considerations

Next Generation 911 and ESInets: An Essential Partnership

The broadband capabilities of the NG911 infrastructure are made possible through ESInets and the IP cloud-based networks they run on. With traditional emergency systems such as legacy 911, communication is limited and has modest response capabilities.

ESInets that power Next Generation 911 enable critical data to reach emergency telecommunicators and dispatchers in real-time.

Because ESInets networks allow for the transmission of high-bandwidth files, citizens in need can share potentially save-saving information with 911 through multimedia such as:

With ESInets, the NG911 system can also support and process high-bandwidth files that include data collected from security cameras, building floor plans, and car computer systems.

How ESInets Help NG911 Improve Emergency Response

With the evolution of digital technology comes the need for faster, more accurate emergency response services. There is a substantial need in today’s public safety environment to share information regarding emergencies, natural disasters, domestic disputes, and other pressing situations

When critical data involving 911 situations are shared successfully, thanks to NG911 ESInets, PSAPs and ECCs can use the information to take action immediately. For telecommunicators and dispatchers to receive photos, videos, and text messages in real-time enhances situational awareness dramatically.

This increase in situational awareness enables 911 personnel to provide emergency response more effectively, resulting in more accurate data shared between dispatchers and first responders and more lives saved.

What is An ESInet?

According to NENA (National Emergency Number Association), an ESInet is defined as an IP (Internet Protocol) network that is managed to be explicitly used for 911 emergency response communications. When used for professional public safety purposes, 911 agencies can share an ESInet network.

ESInets provide the IP transports that the NG911 systems need to run smoothly and to successfully share valuable information between dispatchers, first responders, and citizens.

How Do Emergency Response ESInets Work?

ESInets for 911 systems like Next Generation 911 run on secure and private IP, cloud-based networks. Because ESInets are designed specifically for emergency response services, they can support a high volume of data sent from large-broadband files.

NG911 ESInet capabilities make the sharing of life-saving information through Next Generation 911’s private IP networks possible. With ESInet IP networks set in place for the NG911 system, PSAPs and ECCs can transmit essential information to first responders out in the field.

NG911 ESInet Implementation Considerations

ESInets for Next Generation 911 takes planning and time. The NG911 infrastructure requires IP and cloud-capable equipment and updated GIS (Geographic Information Systems) data.

While Next Generation 911 technologies like GIS’s are a complex mix of database management, these tools are essential for providing accurate and efficient emergency response.

When paired with high-speed ESInet networks, GIS technology enables PSAPs and ECCs using NG911 to:

  • Solve geospatial context issues

  • Pinpoint the exact location of 911 callers

  • Create detailed maps

  • Support emergency call routing based on caller location

  • Streamline high-volumes of incoming 911 calls


An ESInet, or Emergency Services IP Network, is a crucial component of the NG911 infrastructure and the entire 911 services ecosystem. Implementing ESInets can take time, but the invaluable advantages these public safety networks provide easily outway the transition process.

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