NG911 Implementation: A Comprehensive Checklist for Next Generation 911 System Implementation Planning

Posted in All, NGA911 on Mar 03, 2022

As the Nationwide initiative for updating current emergency response systems to NG9-1-1 continues, PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) along with dispatchers and telecommunicators are curious about the Next Generation 911 implementation process. As a leading provider of the NG911 system, NGA receives many questions regarding Next Generation 911 implementation, how long it will take, and what emergency response organizations can do to prepare.

It's important to plan ahead when it comes to transitioning to the NG911 infrastructure. For that reason and many others, our team at NGA has created this blog as a comprehensive checklist to help PSAPs, ECCs (Emergency Call Centers), and other 911 organizations understand how to prepare for NG911 implementation.

In this blog, our experts at NGA will:

  • Discuss what Next Generation 911 is

  • Cover the NG911 nationwide initiative

  • Provide a checklist to help you plan for Next Generation 911 implementation

What Exactly is Next Generation 911?

Next Generation 911, also called NG911, is an emergency response system. The Next Generation 911 system has an infrastructure made up of software and technology designed to make contacting 911 for assistance more accessible to the general public.

Because NG911’s infrastructure is compatible with multimedia sharing such as real-time text messaging, voice messaging, and photo and video streaming, citizens in need can communicate with dispatchers almost instantly. Dispatchers and telecommunicators can use the critical information regarding an emergency received by citizens to communicate with first responders out in the field while on their way to the scene.

What is The NG911 Nationwide Initiative?

NG911 also refers to a nationwide initiative. The primary goal of the Next Generation 911 initiative is to update current 911 systems to the NG911 infrastructure across the country to improve emergency response services and have the public safety industry better adapted to an increasingly wireless society.

With NG911 implementation nationwide, the Next Generation 911 initiative promises to allow for seamless emergency data sharing between:

  • 911 Call Centers

  • First Responders

  • Trauma Centers

  • Other Emergency Response Entities

  • The General Public

Connected ECCs and PSAPs will also share potentially life-saving resources and information such as GIS databases with other public safety personnel.

Checklist Steps To Help With NG911 Implementation Planning

Now that you’re familiar with Next Generation 911 and the NG911 statewide initiative, the best thing to do is prepare. In the sections below, you’ll discover a comprehensive checklist that our team at NGA has put together to help emergency response organizations and personnel plan for the Next Generation 911 system update and implementation.

Ensure Your Equipment Is NG911 Implementation Ready

When preparing for any significant infrastructure update and transition, it’s first recommended to consider your equipment. At NGA, our recommendation is to use the checklist we’ve created below to ensure the NG911 equipment your PSAP or ECC plans on migrating to will handle all the emergency response needs of your 911 organization and community.

911 Equipment: Will the Next Generation 911 equipment you're transitioning to be compatible with all necessary forms of multimedia?

Real-Time 911 Text Messaging: Is your current emergency response system or updated NG911 equipment capable of receiving real-time text messages from local citizens in need?

Geospatial Call Routing & Location Technology: Has your PSAP or ECC ensured that its updated Next Generation 911 equipment includes accurate 911 caller location technology and geospatial emergency services?

Enhancing 911 Regional Policy Systems

One aspect of planning for 911 system upgrades that often gets overlooked is ensuring that the new infrastructure includes interconnection capabilities. Part of what makes NG911 the next generation of 911 is that the system supports and improves interconnection and intercommunication capabilities such as data sharing, call distribution, and call-taker flexibility through regional ESInets.

Does your 911 organization understand the routing management policies required to have a fully functional regional routing system like NG911?

Planning to update and transition to the Next Generation 911 infrastructure should include cross-agency cooperation and having authority guidelines put in place. Preparing for NG911 should have system physical and network configuration access for reliable emergency response system security.

Has your ECC looked into data-sharing opportunities for a functioning emergency response regional system?

Evaluate Inter-PSAP and ECC System Communications

The Next Generation 911 nationwide initiative's primary objective and NG911 implementation is to allow emergency response organizations and personnel to communicate, connect, and transfer information between one another with ease. For 911 intercommunication and data sharing to work, ECCs and PSAPs must look into the activities needed to transfer data successfully.

When fully integrated, NG911 will provide new opportunities for 911 communication across regions and overcome limitations typically seen with outdated emergency response systems.

Has your ECC or PSAP thought about the necessary policies to transfer and share data successfully before transitioning to NG911?

Has your emergency response agency considered or started any training needed between ECCs and PSAPs for data sharing?


Public safety entities such as PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) and ECCs (Emergency Call Centers) are progressing towards full Next Generation 911 implementation. These 911 agencies often have one thing in common: A comprehensive and strategic plan for NG911 implementation.

If you answered yes to any of the following questions in this blog’s checklist, you’re well on your way to planning correctly for a successful transition to Next Generation 911!

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