The NG911 Infrastructure Bill: A Critical Step Towards Next Generation 911 Implementation

Posted in All, NGA911 on Feb 15, 2022

NG9-1-1, or Next Generation 911, has revolutionized emergency communication systems. NG911 has changed the way public safety professionals respond to 911 calls and communicate with 911 callers and first responders.

Certain measures need to be in place to help make the implementation and transition to Next Generation 911 nationwide possible, such as the NG911 Infrastructure Bill.

You may be wondering what precisely the NG911 Infrastructure Bill is and what it could mean for the future of emergency response.

At NGA, our Next Generation 911 providers have created this blog to discuss:

  • What the NG911 Infrastructure Bill is
  • What the NG911 Infrastructure Bill is said to include
  • Why the NG911 Infrastructure Bill is important

What Is The NG911 Infrastructure Bill?

In spring of 2021, the LIFT American Act was introduced to Congress. The bill proposed funding for health care infrastructures, updating internet broadband deployment, and Next Generation 911 (NG911) implementation nationwide.

The NG911 Infrastructure Bill is part of the LIFT American Act, proposing federal funds for more PSAPs and ECCs across the country to be upgraded to IP-based, Next Generation 911 technology.

What Does The NG911 Infrastructure Bill Include?

Public safety organizations, such as the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO), support the NG911 Infrastructure Bill.

APCO International notes that the NG911 propositions of the bill includes other key provisions, such as:

  • Protecting and building on existing NG911 investments

  • Promoting interoperability
  • Preserving local and state control
  • Providing cybersecurity resources
  • Establishing an ongoing system for public safety input for NG911
  • Achieving NG911 capabilities for ECCs nationwide

The NG911 Infrastructure Bill is also proposed to help create a grant program to give funds to eligible public safety entities to meet the objectives of the legislation.

The grants given to eligible entities will help fund:

  • Established implementation and maintenance of Next Generation 911 programs
  • Training for 911 dispatchers and directors at emergency communication centers (ECCs)
  • Community education and outreach
  • Management costs

Why Is The NG911 Infrastructure Bill Important?

Simply put, The NG911 Infrastructure Bill proposes that with the necessary government funding, PSAPs will have more tools and technology to make receiving invaluable information possible during an emergency.

The Next Generation 911 system has applications with wide capabilities that digital connection sensors and medical applications will help enhance 911 situational awareness to PSAPs.

The valuable data provided by Next Generation 911 technology includes vital health information and real-time data from smart devices. These critical details can help emergency response professionals make more informed decisions based on factors like assessing 911 situations and victims' medical conditions.

Is Next Generation 911 Implementation Necessary?

Yes. As technology evolves, emergency response systems must evolve with it. NG911 technology allows dispatchers and PSAPs to receive more valuable, detailed information from civilians regarding emergencies, car accidents, natural disasters, hostage situations, and domestic disputes.

With NG911 technology, civilians can share pivotal details with dispatchers and first responders through various multimedia such as:

Next Generation 911 will also allow for seamless communication between 911 call centers and improve system resiliency and adaptability. NG911 will enable 911 calls to be transferred and processed automatically by other available ECCs when the PSAP is overwhelmed during natural disasters.

What Is Next Generation 911 Exactly?

NG911 stands for Next Generation 911, and is considered the next generation in emergency response systems. NG911 is a nationwide IP and cloud network-based emergency communications system.

The Next Generation 911 infrastructure allows for multimedia and voice communications between 911 callers and ECCs, and then to first responders out in the field.

NG911 is also part of a nationwide initiative to implement and transition PSAPs to the system, giving dispatchers the tools and technology they need to deploy faster, more accurate emergency response.


Whether or not you were previously aware of the NG911 Infrastructure Bill, being introduced as part of the LIFT America Act means it’s a critical step towards Next Generation 911 implementation.

As a leading NG911 provider, NGA is proud to do its part in helping PSAPs, and emergency call centers implement and transition to the Next Generation 911 across the country.

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