NG911 NOW: A Look into the Coalition Dedicated to Accelerating the Deployment Next Generation 911

Posted in All, NGA911 on Jul 14, 2022

Emergency response is evolving. Smart devices and digital technologies allow dispatchers to receive and act on information instantly. If you're a public safety professional, you know just how vital advanced emergency telecommunications systems, like NG9-1-1, are to the people and communities you serve.

NG911 (Next Generation 911) is the future of emergency response. But what is NG911 really, and why is it such an essential upgrade for public safety?

In this blog from our NG911 providers and experts at NGA, we'll look into NG911 NOW and the coalition dedicated to accelerating the deployment of Next Generation 911 across the United States. 

What is the NG911 NOW Coalition Exactly?

With the shifts to digital communication and more advanced technologies, 911 systems must be updated to provide more effective emergency response. And nobody knows this more than those working in the public safety industry. 

When lives are on the line, seamless communication and immediate response mean everything. These capabilities are made possible with Next Generation 911. The NG911 NOW Coalition was created to accelerate NG911 deployment and implementation across the United States. 

Public safety professionals and industry leaders joined together to create this alliance focused on addressing technical, funding, and legislative challenges that could interfere with rapid Next Generation implementation.

The NG911 NOW Coalition includes leading 911 associations. Such as:

  • NENA (the National Emergency Number Association)
  • NASNA (the National Association of State 911 Administrators)
  • iCERT (the Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies)

The coalition is also working with government experts and the national NG9-1-1 Institute to help prepare dispatchers, first responders, and other public safety personnel for Next Generation 911.

What is the Goal of the NG911 NOW Coalition?

The NG911 NOW Coalition aims to educate key stakeholders and decision-makers on the importance of NG911 implementation and advocate for policies that will help states and localities deploy NG911 more rapidly. 

The coalition's purpose is to ensure that PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) and 911 professionals have the tools to deliver effective emergency response due to accelerated NG911 implementation.  

Accelerating NG911 Deployment and Why It Matters

Rapid deployment of Next Generation 911 will significantly benefit emergency response professionals and the general public. NG911 implementation will also streamline communication between 911 callers, dispatchers, and first responders. 

Understanding The Benefits of Rapid NG911 Implementation

With the aid of the NG911 NOW Coalition, accelerated Next Generation 911 deployment will:

  • Increase the resiliency, flexibility, and adaptability of 911 systems 
  • Meet the trends of modern communications 
  • Improve the accessibility of emergency response services
  • Increase data sharing through various forms of multimedia (text messaging, voice messaging, video streaming, photo sharing) 
  • Improve communication between jurisdictions and the public safety industry 
  • Align with NENA's NG911 standards for implementation  
  • Lower the risks of cyber attacks on 911 systems 
  • Promote more efficient use of government funds for 911

What Happens If Accelerated NG911 Deployment is not Made a Priority?

Many adverse outcomes can likely occur to 911 professionals, citizens, and their communities if rapid Next Generation 911 deployment is not taken seriously. 

Lack of timely action could result in: 

  • Prolonged NG911 implementation nationwide
  • Faulty or incorrect system implementation 
  • Missed opportunities for improved emergency response
  • Putting the lives of citizens and first responders at risk
  • A large part of the American population will go underserved 
  • Increased chances of cyber security attacks on 911 systems 
  • Increased operating costs of 911 systems


NG911 NOW is a coalition of public and private sector entities committed to the accelerated deployment of Next Generation 911. Our NG911 experts at NGA also work daily to provide our nation's emergency responders with the best possible technologies to keep individuals and communities safe.  

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