The NG911 Roadmap and The 5 Goals of Connecting Emergency Response Systems Nationwide

Posted in All, NGA911 on Aug 11, 2022

Did you know that many states in America are actively working on implementing NG9-1-1 by following the NG911 Roadmap? While this is excellent news, many communities and jurisdictions are still relying on outdated 911 systems to help manage emergency calls and response services. 

When it comes to public safety, having a 911 infrastructure that's faster, reliable, and adaptable can mean the difference between lives saved and tragedy. Implementing NG911 (Next Generation 911) in emergency call centers is not only essential, it's also necessary to achieve a fully interconnected infrastructure. This will allow for seamless communication between 911 callers, dispatchers, and first responders across the nation.

In this blog from our trusted NG911 providers and experts at NGA, our team will discuss:

  • The NG911 Roadmap
  • The NG911 Roadmap Progress Report
  • The five strategic goals of connecting Next Generation 911 systems nationwide 

What is The NG911 Roadmap?

The NG911 Roadmap outlines the tasks that must be completed to achieve statewide NG911 implementation and interconnection. It's a collaborative effort between the National 911 Program and 911 stakeholders from the private and public sectors. 

This effort focuses on what must be done by all members of the 911 community to create a fully interconnected NG911 system across the nation. The NG911 Roadmap concept includes Next Generation 911 capabilities at the jurisdictional level and interconnectivity of those systems by following common 911 standards. 

The NG911 Roadmap Progress Report: A Look into What's Happening Now 

The NG911 Roadmap Progress Report is a valuable tool for jurisdictions looking to implement NG911 into their emergency call centers and other 911 organizations. The report tracks each state's progress towards completing the necessary goals and tasks needed for nationwide NG911 interconnection. 

The NG911 Roadmap is a document that is updated as new Next Generation 911 technologies, and best practices are developed. This report is also available to the public. 

The 5 Goals to Statewide NG911 Interconnectivity 

There are five strategic goals that states must address to achieve statewide NG911 interconnectivity, as outlined in the NG911 Roadmap. 

They are as follows: 

Goal #1: Business Governance Goals

Identify resources and strategies to address regulation, policy, funding, and governance issues or other roadblocks faced by jurisdictions, both collectively and independently, in their transition to NG911 and achieving nationwide system interconnectivity. 

Goal #2: Technical Goals

Revive the adoption and enabling of NG911 technology by communicating Next Generation 911 standards and creating means by which developing technology can be valued for compliance and cybersecurity. 

Goal #3: Data Goals 

Support the enhancement of emergency response services by creating operational and technical data solutions that support cross-jurisdictional and nationwide situational awareness, predictive data analysis, and 911 information sharing. 

Goal #4: Operational Goals 

Determine, improve, and promote operating procedures, professional development strategies, and performance evaluations that support the comprehensive and streamlined implementation of NG911 capabilities.

Goal #5: Cross-Cutting Goals

Encourage and promote education and transfer of NG911 knowledge on an ongoing basis. 


The NG911 Roadmap report is an essential tool for anyone involved in statewide NG911 implementation and interconnection. It outlines all the tasks that must be completed to achieve this goal. The NG911 Roadmap Progress Report tracks each state's progress toward meeting these tasks. 

For statewide NG911 implementation and interconnection to be successful, the 911 and public safety communities must work together. As a trusted provider of Next Generation 911 systems and solutions, NGA is proud to work with jurisdictions for creating a safer, more efficient 911 infrastructure for all Americans. 

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