NG911 Providers: A Look Into The Next Generation 911 Procurement Guidance

Posted in NGA911 on Feb 18, 2022

Emergency response organizations like emergency call centers (ECCs) and public safety answering points (PSAPs) nationwide are transitioning equipment, procedures, and training to the Next Generation 911 (NG9-1-1) system. While the implementation of 

NG911 will improve how 911 agencies and personnel respond to emergency calls; many ECCs and PSAPs face challenges regarding the upgrade to NG911 due to vendor selection and funding. 

Seeking out trusted Next Generation 911 vendors is more than simply selecting a provider to work with. Finding the right NG911 provider also means that 911 agencies must understand vital factors like NENA’s NG 911 standards and contractual language. 

Fortunately, the National 911 Project has created The Next Generation 911 Procurement Guidance for PSAPs, ECCs, and other emergency response organizations to follow as they seek possible NG911 vendors and upgrade outdated 911 systems. 

As an experienced and long-trusted Next Generation 911 provider, NGA has put together this blog post to discuss:

  • The Next Generation 911 initiative 
  • What NG911 is 
  • The Next Generation 911 Procurement Guidance
  • Why is the Next Generation 911 Procurement Guidance document important
  • What the Procurement Guidance means for seeking NG911 vendors 

NG911: What Is It Exactly?

Next Generation 911, or NG911, is a 911 telecommunications system known as the next generation of emergency response. NG911 is an infrastructure designed to allow the general public to share digital information regarding emergencies to PSAPs or 911 call centers. 

The Next Generation 911 systems enable PSAPs to receive vital emergency data from transmitting devices such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Smartwatches
  • Tablets 
  • Car computers
  • Building alarms

NG911 allows for the digital information civilians to send information to emergency personnel which is then received via real-time text messaging, voice messaging, voice-to-text, photos, and videos. 

What Is The Next Generation 911 Initiative?

The NG911 initiative refers to a plan focused on the research required to develop and transition a plan for PSAPs and ECCs to upgrade their outdated 911 systems to Next Generation 911 across the country. 

The purpose of the NG911 initiative is to capitalize on recent advances in technology to establish a fast, accurate, and reliable foundation for public emergency response services in a digital, internet-based world. 

What is The Next Generation 911 Procurement Guidance?

The Next Generation 911 Procurement Guidance was developed to bridge the gap between PSAP personnel getting the training needed to gain a working knowledge of the role of contractual language and receive training on the procurement process used on their specific level of government (local, federal, or state). 

The Procurement Guidance document assists in:

  • NG911 system contract negotiations
  • Establishment of the scope of work 
  • Development of service for NG911 infrastructure once upgrades are completed

The Next Generation 911 Procurement Guidance document defines essential terms used in 911 system contract procurements. The guidance document also provides a checklist of essential items and factors for 911 entities to consider while negotiating the contract to ensure that necessary security procedures are established and managed. 

The purpose of The Next Generation 911 Procurement Guidance is to protect the interests of the emergency response agency and the local community during and throughout the entire procurement process. 

Why Is The Next Generation 911 Procurement Guidance Document Important?

Public safety answering points and emergency call centers require a unique understanding of the specialized technology needed to be the go-between for telecommunicators, dispatchers, law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and other 911 personnel. Public safety answering points are also filled with interrelated and complex systems that their dispatchers and telecommunicators must completely understand. 

When emergency response organizations are looking to upgrade, replace, or purchase NG911 system equipment, it not only requires knowledge of the Next Generation 911 equipment but also requires an understanding of:

  • The procurement process
  • What to look for in a vendor 
  • Provider contracts
  • Vendor and contract negotiations 
  • Establishing the scope of work (SOW) 

In short: The Next Generation 911 Procurement Guidance was designed by the Next Generation 911 Project to help provide emergency response entities with the information needed to make sure that 911 system contractors are held accountable for delivering services and equipment once a contract is agreed upon. 

What The Procurement Guidance Means For Seeking NG911 Providers 

When it comes to finding an NG911 provider for upgrading an outdated 911 system, the importance of establishing contract terms and conditions from the very beginning cannot be overstated. The Next Generation 911 Procurement Guidance contains information vital for emergency response organizations to familiarize themselves with when looking to partner with a Next Generation 911 vendor. 

The Procurement Guidance document contains three sections. The first two sections of the document focus on background information and discuss the application of this information. 

The third section in the document focuses on the areas of consideration for contract negotiations and documentation, including:

General Contract Considerations: Provides essential information for 911 entities to ensure that their contracts and the NG 911 vendor meet general contract terms and conditions. This section also helps ensure that all contract terms are addressed and that the needs of the emergency response agency, as well as the needs of their jurisdictions are understood and met. 

Service Level Agreements: Defines what areas of the contract need to be spelled out to ensure that NG911 project implementation and transition are successful. This section also helps ensure that all equipment and service deliverables are received. 

Security: Provides information to ensure that the NG911 infrastructure is resilient to cyber-attacks and all sensitive data is secured from breaches, phishing, viruses, and unauthorized access. 

With any 911 system contract, there are many moving parts and participants. The primary goal of The Next Generation 911 Procurement Guidance effort is to ensure that the procedures and implementation of NG911 are done so honestly and seamlessly by providers so that 911 personnel can provide fast and reliable emergency services to the public. 


The NG911 initiative is nationwide. Therefore, PSAPs, ECCs, and other 911 organizations need to prepare for Next Generation 911 implementation and transition. 

Because the NG911 system will improve emergency response, understanding everything regarding NENA standards, contract terms and conditions, negotiations, and vendor selection is vital. 

With The Next Generation 911 Procurement Guidance, 911 entities can better prepare for NG911 infrastructure implementation and know what to look for in an NG911 provider.  

At NGA, we pride ourselves on being a trusted provider of Next Generation 911 system equipment, services, and support. 

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