NG911 Technology: What You Need to Know

Posted in NGA911 on Feb 16, 2022

When someone dials 911, a dispatcher will pick up and respond with, “911, what is your emergency?” But have you ever wondered how that 911 call gets routed and what happens after that 911 caller describes their emergency to the operator?

An initiative known as NG9-1-1 is currently underway across the United States to upgrade and modernize the entire 911 experience as well as  the technology and the infrastructure behind it. 

NG911, or Next Generation 911, aims to make it easier for 911 callers to send faster, more detailed information about their emergency to 911 call centers. Another part of NG911’s initiative is for public safety answering points (PSAPs) to provide the emergency information gained from 911 callers to first responders out in the field. 

In this blog, trusted NG911 provider NGA will discuss:

  • NG911 technology
  • What Next Generation 911 technology is 
  • The benefits of NG911 technology 
  • NG911 implementation best practices 

What is Next Generation 911 Technology?

NENA, short for The National Emergency Number Association, sets the standards for technology that drive NG911. With Next Generation 911 technology, the idea is to make 911 calls a modernized platform for emergency communications. 

With PSAPs and ECCs using NG911, emergency response professionals would have innovative technology to improve 911 call handling and dispatch life-saving resources to those in need faster. 

 A few examples of this NG911 technology would include:

The Next Generation 911 statewide initiative is about bringing emergency response systems into the 21st century. For example, almost everyone in the U.S. has a smartphone - an endlessly powerful communications tool that allows individuals to connect with the world. 

Without NG911, people can only communicate with 911 professionals by dialing those three digits and talking with a dispatcher. Next Generation 911 will open up a world of opportunities and possibilities for the general public to communicate and share vital information with public safety personnel. 

What Are The Advantages of NG911 Technology?

Although upgrading to Next Generation 911 takes time, the significant benefits that NG911’s capabilities provide to PSAPs and the general public outway the time-intensive process. 

Not only will NG911 deliver more detailed and accurate location information to PSAPs, but the system will also allow emergency response personnel to collect vital information from multimedia sources. 

Receiving detailed information during an emergency through text, voice, and photo messaging will enable PSAPs to assist individuals better:

  • In a domestic dispute
  • Through a hostage situation
  • During a natural disaster 
  • Through a fire
  • During or after a car accident

With NG911, multimedia capabilities like real-time text messaging are just the tip of the iceberg. The real potential and power of the Next Generation 911 system are in the ability for emergency response personnel to collect videos and photos of unfolding incidents and then relay that information to first responders. 

The Bottom Line: When civilians can supply highly visual and detailed information about emergencies and incidents to 911 call centers, EMTs, firefighters, and other first responders are in a much better position to respond effectively and safely to a situation. 

NG911 Implementation: Understanding Best Practices

Implementing any updated 911 system can be challenging, especially when local and state jurisdictions do not work together to see the process through. With the NG911 initiative, local and state governments are playing a significant role in the planning and funding of Next Generation 911 systems. 

The beauty of NG911 implementation is that the tools and technology for setting up the IP and cloud-based networks already exist, making NG911 technology set up one of the easiest parts of implementation. 

However, to support the new technology of NG911, implementation best practices must take place. 

Examples of Next Generation 911 best practices include:

  • NG11 policies 
  • Next Generation 911 training 
  • Other emergency response personnel concerns 
  • Business processes 
  • Needed governance 

PSAPs and ECCs that wish to embrace NG911 also need to determine what kinds of multimedia to accept. Receiving 911 information through multimedia sharing should include identifying which staff handles 911 calls and transmits data, what training and skill are necessary, and how to pay for NG911. 

NGA: A Key NG911 Provider to Consider

With the statewide implementation of Next Generation 911, many vendors are coming into the vital NG911 technology market. From cloud-based call handling to GPS location tracking, choosing a trusted vendor to provide the necessary NG911 tools and technology is critical. 

When looking to upgrade your current 911 Legacy system to NG911, NGA is a key Next Generation 911 provider to consider. NGA, or Next Generation Advanced, is known for serving emergency telecommunicators effectively by providing solutions that adapt to changing technology. 

With solutions such as Next Generation Core Services (NGCS) that run securely on the cloud, advanced call handling systems, and dedicated on-call support, it’s no wonder why NGA is a leading provider of NG911 technology and services across the country. 

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