Why NG911 Is the Right Call Routing Solution for Emergency Telecommunicators

Posted in NGA911 on Feb 23, 2022

When a citizen in need calls 911, having a streamlined system to route and answer the call is vital. In today's age, the reality is that PSAPs (public safety answering points) and ECCs (emergency call centers) cannot effectively direct and take 911 calls without the updated tools and technology needed to do so.

With NG9-1-1, routing emergency phone calls to the nearest entity, answering those calls promptly, and dispatching the necessary resources and first responders is entirely possible. Next Generation 911 (NG911) allows telecommunicators and other emergency response professionals to better serve and protect the public through streamlined 911 call routing. 

In this blog from leading NG911 providers, NGA, our experts will discuss:

  • What 911 call routing is 
  • How emergency call routing works
  • What Next Generation 911 is
  • Why NG911 is the right system for 911 call routing 

What Is 911 Call Routing

Traditionally, routing phone calls involves a process that queues and distributes incoming calls automatically based on a predetermined set of criteria and rules. Call routing also refers to automatic call distribution systems (ACDs). 

With 911 call routing, the Next Generation 911 system helps PSAPs and ECCs:

  • Manage exceedingly high calling queues
  • Distribute emergency phone calls to the right 911 entities 
  • Answer 911 calls based on queue priority 

When it comes to emergencies, having updated systems to provide reliable and accurate call routing can mean the difference between potentially saving lives or tragedy. Furthermore, streamlined emergency call routing can speed up waiting times for citizens in need and result in better, faster emergency response. 

Understanding How Emergency Call Routing Works

It is not uncommon for many individuals to take for granted the important task of a 911 dispatcher answering the call, until they are faced with an emergency themselves. As simple as it seems, the truth is that 911 call routing systems are complex and without a modern infrastructure, PSAPs cannot take on emergency calls as effectively as they potentially could in 2022.

Let's take a look into what happens when someone calls 911. 

When you dial 911: 

  • The signal is transmitted to the database of your phone company
  • From there, the database identifies the information that you supplied your phone company when you started your service
  • Then, your phone signal and your information are sent to the closest emergency response entity in the form of location information and automatic name (ANI/ALI)

What is NG911?

NG911, also known as Next Generation 911, is an emergency response system. The NG911 infrastructure was designed to provide citizens with an easier way to reach 911 and communicate with dispatchers through data and multimedia sharing capabilities. 

NG911 allows individuals to send and share data regarding emergencies through the following:

Just as importantly, Next Generation 911 enables PSAPs, ECCs, and telecommunicators to receive potentially life-saving information from citizens during various sensitive situations. With the NG911 system, not only does it allow for effective emergency call routing, but Next Generation 911 also makes communication and collaboration between telecommunicators and first responders possible.

The Breakdown: Why NG911 is the Right Call Routing Choice for Emergency Response 

Next Generation 911 is also referred to as the next generation of 911, and for a good reason. As more PSAPs and ECCs switch to NG911 following the Next Generation 911 nationwide initiative, the issues with faulty emergency call routing are being resolved. 

NG911 technology is designed to manage the heavy influx of emergency calls by:

  • Organizing calling queues 
  • Providing stronger bandwidths for fewer call interruptions 
  • Routing calls to other closest PSAPs if original ECC is overwhelmed or otherwise unavailable to answer 

The bottom line is that the Next Generation 911 system was created to help telecommunicators and dispatchers provide emergency response services as accurately and efficiently as possible, thus helping their community by default.

With NG911, emergency response professionals and the general public can benefit from this system allowing for greater access to valuable information, better communication, and improved public safety overall.


Next Generation 911 call routing allows citizens to connect and communicate with 911, effectively, when they need it most. As such, it is vital for emergency response organizations to implement an updated call routing system to keep their communities safe. 

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