How Emergency Services Can Improve in 2022 With NG911

Posted in NGA911 on Jan 03, 2022

How Emergency Services Can Improve in 2022 With NG911

For the past 50 years, 911 has remained relatively unchanged. The need to upgrade is evident as technology evolves and the demand for more reliable emergency response grows.

Although 911 is vital to every community, NG911 can help make it better. As the nationwide initiative to upgrade traditional 911 systems to NG9-1-1 continues, so does the opportunity to enhance public safety in the new year.

In this blog, our Next Generation 911 providers at NGA discuss how emergency services can improve in 2022 with NG911.

Mobile Technology to Enhance 911 Operations

The traditional 911 system was designed for landline phones. Today, only two in five American households have a landline. This data further highlights the need for emergency response infrastructure upgrades compatible with today's mobile-first society.

Introducing mobile technology through NG911 can provide 911 call centers with:

  • Real-Time Text Messaging
  • Voice Messaging
  • Voice-To-Text Messaging
  • Photo Messaging
  • Live Chat
  • Video Streaming

Next Generation 911 real-time text (RTT) provides individuals with a way to get help when they cannot call 911. Texting PSAPs and ECCs allows citizens with hearing or speech issues easier access to 911 assistance.

Reaching dispatchers through texting during a hostage or domestic dispute situation can mean life-saving benefits in situations where every second counts.

Real-time video streaming provides emergency response professionals greater situational awareness when individuals send live videos from the incident itself.

Mobile Location Systems

Because NG911 harnesses GPS smartphone technology, the system allows 911 dispatchers to discover a caller's exact location. Telecommunicators can even determine the room the caller is in within a building.

Thanks to Next Generation 911's location services compatible with mobile GPS technology, millions of smartphone users will have easier access to emergency response assistance. With the NG911 nationwide initiative, expanding location technology to all PSAPs is a top priority.

With bills like the Next Generation 911 Act of 2021, federal funding to upgrade to NG911 will help improve emergency location capabilities. Adapting to more advanced mobile location systems is set to help reduce 911 response times and save more lives in the upcoming year.

The Cloud

Natural disasters and power outages affect millions of U.S. citizens when 911 call centers go offline. Traditional emergency systems don't have the technology or networks to serve the public when unforeseen situations occur.

No individual should have to experience a 911 outage when it comes to emergency response. Embracing cloud technology with NG911 can help ensure the flexibility and resilience of 911 services, no matter the situation.

The cloud has capabilities that enable call centers and dispatchers to continue to serve the public while also being able to adapt. In situations where PSAPs must evacuate on short notice, the cloud's high-speed data connections allow dispatchers to relocate and still perform their job quickly.

Additionally, the cloud provides enhanced cybersecurity features and protections. Given the highly-sensitive information often given to dispatchers, high-level security is possible with cloud-based data solutions from Next Generation 911.

Smart Device 911 Compatibility 

A significant benefit of NG911 is that it is compatible with many types of smart devices, allowing for better access to emergency services and the transfer of life-saving information to dispatchers.

Next Generation 911 is compatible with the following devices:

  • Smartphones
  • Smartwatches
  • Car Computer Systems
  • Home Security Systems
  • Security Cameras

NG911 smart device compatibility isn't just designed for individuals in need of 911 on the go. Next Generation 911 is also equipped to connect with smart speakers, light sensors, and smoke detectors in smart homes.


Transitioning to NG911 will help eliminate inconsistencies of traditional 911 systems in 2022 and beyond. Solutions like cloud-based networks and multimedia sharing are excellent starting points to help bring emergency response into the 21st century.

Additional improvement needs to be done to ensure the 911 infrastructure remains resilient. By making Next Generation 911 the standard emergency system throughout the nation, more emergency response personnel will have the tools to continue their crucial work of protecting and serving the public.

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