Next Generation 911 Resources for 2022

Posted in All, NGA911 on May 12, 2022

Next Generation 911 Resources for 2022

As a leading provider of NG9-1-1, NGA is here to be a complete resource that PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) and other emergency response agencies can rely on when it comes to all things Next Generation 911. 

At NGA, we believe that more information can mean a smoother transition to NG911, and that’s why we’ve created this comprehensive resource guide for Next Generation 911 in 2022. 

NG911: The Basics 

At its most basic, Next Generation 911 is a statewide initiative to replace existing 911 systems with NG911. By doing so, PSAPs and public safety organizations will have the means to replace outdated analog systems and integrate efficient, effective, and adaptable technology into the infrastructure network.  

NG911: Understanding NENA

NENA stands for the National Emergency Number Association. NENA is a non-profit organization exclusively focused on improving 911. NENA is also an organization that represents tens of thousands of hard-working and dedicated emergency response professionals such as telecommunicators and first responders whose mission is to help civilians in need. 

NG911: About APCO

APCO stands for Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials. APCO is an international organization and leader in the public safety industry that’s dedicated to providing comprehensive public safety communications technical assistance, expertise, professional development, outreach and advocacy to help benefit their members and civilians. 


About APCO 

APCO and NG911 

APCO Services 

APCO Training 

Upcoming Events 

NG911: NGA Next Generation 911 News

NGA is a leading provider and expert of Next Generation 911 reliable cloud-based systems and customizable solutions. Our patented NG911 technologies are adaptable and designed to provide PSAPs and other 911 telecommunication agencies a seamless transition from legacy 911 systems to the next generation of emergency response and services with innovative NG911 solutions. 

Other Resources

U.S. State Guidelines for NG911 Legislative Language 

Developing Model State NG911 Plan Guidelines

Next Generation 911 Cost Estimate: A Report to Congress (October 2018)

Next Generation 9-1-1 Act of 2021 Fact Sheet


At NGA, we hope that this comprehensive Next Generation 911 resource guide for 2022 has helped answer questions and clear up any confusion regarding NG911. As a trusted Next Generation 911 provider, NGA not only wants public safety organizations and personnel to be successful but also to thrive. 

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