NG911 Resources for 2023

Posted in All, NGA911 on Jun 01, 2023

Part of being a leading and trusted provider of Next Generation 911 is providing comprehensive resources that 911 telecommunicators and other emergency response professionals can rely on regarding NG9-1-1. At NGA, that is precisely what we do! 

We believe more easily accessible information can lead to a smoother transition to Next Generation 911 for emergency call centers. For this reason, we've put together this comprehensive guide of NG911 resources for 2023. 

Next Generation 911: Everything You Need to Know

In its simplest terms, NG911 stands for Next Generation 911 and is referred to as “the next generation of 911. Why? Because NG911 is the newest advancement in emergency telecommunications technology and is the infrastructure designed to replace existing 911 systems. 

NG911 also referred to a nationwide initiative involving shifting the current 911 operations to more secure Internet Protocol (IP) and cloud-based systems, allowing emergency responders to receive more accurate and detailed information in real-time. NG911 technology has the potential to revolutionize emergency services by introducing new features such as multimedia messaging, enhanced location reporting, and remote monitoring capabilities. 

NG911 and NENA: Setting the Standard for Emergency Response 

NENA, also known as the National Emergency Number Association, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving emergency communication services in the United States. NENA's mission is to serve as the leading professional organization for 911 professionals, technology experts, government officials, and other stakeholders involved in emergency communications.

With NENA at the forefront of 911 technology, dispatch centers, and first responders are better equipped to handle emergencies, save lives, and protect communities. As a leading authority in the emergency response industry, NENA develops standards and best practices to improve communication technology for emergency services. 

All About APCO

APCO, or the Association of Public-Safety Communication Officials, is a non-profit organization advancing public safety communication. With a membership of over 35,000+ professionals in over 20 countries, APCO strives to develop and promote public safety standards and policies while advocating for the advancement of Next Generation 911.

NG911 and NGA: Next Generation 911 News, Updates, and Solutions

NGA provides reliable cloud-based systems and customizable solutions for Next Generation 911. Our trusted and patented NG911 technologies offer adaptability and a seamless transition from legacy 911 infrastructures to the next generation of emergency response services. 

At NGA, we cater to the needs of PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points), emergency call centers, and other essential first responders of the 911 telecommunication agencies.

Additional Resources


The implementation of NG11 represents a major shift in emergency response, and public safety professionals must be prepared. We at NGA hope that this NG911 resource guide for 2023 has helped shed some light on the exciting new developments in emergency response. 

Fortunately, there are many NG911 resources available to help with training, education, data management, and cybersecurity. By taking advantage of these resources and staying up-to-date on the latest NG911 developments, first responders and public safety decision-makers can be ready for whatever the future holds.

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